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  1. Job Purpose : - Repairs and overhauls heavy equipment such as Wheel Loaders, Hyd. Excavators, Hyd. Cranes, buses, Road sweepers, backhoe loaders, and other automotive machinery by performing the following duties - Inspects diagnoses and examines equipment and discusses with the workshop foreman the nature and extent of damage or malfunction to determine the repair needed - Dismantles, disassembles, assembles repair units for overhaul such as Hyd. - Cylinders, Control valves, engine, transmission, differential, etc. - Repairs or replaces parts such as Hyd. Cylinder seals, seal kits, pistons, rods, gears, valves, and bearings. Overhauls or replaces Hyd. Cylinders and pumps - Adjusts brakes, clutch and other aggregates of the Heavy duty trucks and other equipment - Carries out Pre-Delivery Inspection as required for new vehicle - Carries out preventative maintenance and service according to schedule - Re-inspects all completed repair work to ensure quality before handing over the equipment - Secures the assigned powered, manual and diagnostic tools by adhering to the implemented control procedures - Contributes to the general housekeeping of the workshop and keeps his tools clean - Carries out any task that may be assigned to him by the workshop foreman Qualifications : - High school diploma or technical school certificate in the trade of Mechanic/Hyd.Technican - 7 years of relevant experience - Safety-oriented while performing electric repair work - Skillful in reading Hyd. Circuit diagram and operating diagnostic equipment - Qualified to perform all types mechanical repairs at heavy machinery workshop - Fluency in English and/or Arabic
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